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Interferance problem.. ??

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  • Interferance problem.. ??

    i have fitted a PS2 Slimline into my car, to work on my 8.4" t-vision screen. It is wired into AV1. when i power the PS2 via its 'household' mains charger, the picture on the screen is crystal clear. However when i use the Ciggy lighter 12dc ~ 8.5vdc adapter (proper one for the ps2 - ) , i get fuzzy horizontal lines on the screen..

    i do have a carpc plugged in, this is wired in as VGA, that works fine.. i have swiched off the PC as i know the FSB can cause interferance, it helped but not much.

    I know its nothing to do with engine fans etc, as there is no engine in the car at present! and there is currently no car stereo fitted.

    anyone know what it is and how i can fix it? could a weak car battery cause this?


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