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Buttons on LCD Screens??

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  • Buttons on LCD Screens??


    I have seen many custom bezels that have no openings for buttons and other that do...What are the buttons used for on screens such as the EBY701?


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    the buttons are:

    POWER, A/V (video input selector), VOLUME +/-, MENU (opens the on screen display), and menu +/-

    you generally don't need to adjust any of the menu options (if you do then you only need to do it once). the volume buttons are useless because you'll never need the built-in speaker (they are used for menu adjustments as well). some monitors can be programmed to turn on automatically when power is applied, others can be hardware hacked to do the same thing. you will need access to the A/V button if you have additional video inputs such as a rear-view backup camera (unless your monitor automatically switches for you).

    in my older installation, I made a fiberglass bezel with just a screen opening (for the "clean" look). the buttons were not accessible from the front, so I soldered wires onto the POWER and A/V buttons then wired them to momentary switches in my console.

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