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Troubleshooting slim dvd drive issue

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  • Troubleshooting slim dvd drive issue


    I have been trying for the last 6+ months to get a usb dvd drive to work with my setup -- with no success.... Today's attempt is utilizing recently purchased equipment (from mp3car):

    Panasonic Slot Load CW-8124 DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive
    Ultra Slim External Enclosure USB 2.0

    My issue -- dvd drive is not seen by my BIOS (or WinXP). Although the salesman at mp3car had said that this drive would run off of usb power, If I just used on usb connector I got nothing. This adapter does come with a connector to allow plugging into a second usb port and suppling additional power. But since I I had already read that people didn't tend to get enough power from that combo either -- so I rewired the connector to come of my OPUS 120 5V line. With both connected I get flashing lights (if I press the eject button). But no signs of it from my boot screen (I have it setup to boot from usb dvd drive first) or Windows.

    I bought a 2nd enclosure (same type) from mp3car after verifying the drive worked by testing it in another system. With the 2nd enclosure (on my bench) I got the drive to be seen by both the BIOS and Windows using my main home machine. In the car, the dvd drive is only seen sporadically by the BIOS and only twice by WinXP. Worse, there are time when my external hard drive isn't seen (hadn't happened before) -- which is connected to the same powered hub. Even worse is when the BIOS freezes(ie: stops just before the memory check and doesn't respond to attempts to enter setup).

    Having searched the forums extensively, I have seen a lot of people using external dvd drives (such as this). Most of the time, when problems are reported it's attributed to power. However, I have ensured sufficient power is being provided (as best I can test). The other 2 areas identified as potential problems were cable lengths and poor quality cables. I have tried different usb cables of varying lengths(I actually had to do a lot of cable swapping just to get the drive working on the bench). I have tried with hubs and without. I have even tried different hardware combos (actually this is my 2nd combo -- look here to see my 1st

    I'm totally at my wits end ::

    -- end update --

    Additionally, when I was testing this out (on my bench) I noticed something weird. I am using a desktop atx power supply to provide the 12V to the OPUS. In the course of testing, I had a one point the usb plug connected and the atx supply connected (but at the point, I had it unplugged) -- and watched with mild surprise as my atx power supply fan still ran. This surprised me as it indicated that the power from the usb port was flowing through the enclosure to the power cord connected to the OPUS and on to everything else connected to it (including the power supply).

    If this isn't what suppose to happen, please clue me in!

    So, I would appreciate any I can get!


    BTW: if I should just give up on using usb enclosures, that would be good to know as well.....

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      I dont want to read your but how are you powering this drive?


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        I was trying to make the author of "war and peace" proud.....

        I have the drive powered via the usb cable (presently plugged into a powered usb hub). I also have the power plug wired into my opus 120 via a 5 volt supply line. The plug origanally was setup to plug into a usb hub, but noting some post on this forum - I rewired this plug into my converter.


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          dude, i suggest you meter your 5V line and see. your drive's behaviours looks like it's "undervolting". giving it enough current is not good enough if the voltage is belong par.

          also, some board keep voltage on USB 5v even on standby. that's the reason why some of us actually cut the 5v line in our usb cable connecting our pc to powerhubs.
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            It definately seems like you are overloading your PSU. All your symptoms fit.
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              Thanks for the suggestions....

              I pulled out the trusty voltmeter and checked the line -- 5.02V. I tested when the system successfully booted up and after a reboot which led to a "BIOS freeze". Both cases were within .01V of each other.

              oh, one correction/clarification -- I actually have 2 DC-DC converters. One is the OPUS which runs my computer. The other is an M2-ATX, which I am using as a point solution. I incorrectly stated the OPUS in my original post. When the computer isn't connected to the powered hub which has both the external hard drive and dvd drive, it boots very reliably. So I don't expect any problems with the OPUS.


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                Did you ever get your slimdrive working. I am having similar problems. The drive will not be rcognized by my carputer or my main rig in the house. Any thoughts any one?
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                  I have moved on to firewire.... So far it's worked better -- except for my cable falling out of it's connections.



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                    same problem. dont know what to do next
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                      As I stated -- I moved on to firewire -- which has been MUCH more reliable. I had nothing but trouble trying to get usb external DVD drives to work. I would skip it and save the hassle....


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                        Need a slimdrive-to-firewire conversion similar to the USB one

                        Unfortunately I have built my USB enclosure into my monitor bezzel.
                        Does anyone know if there is a small firewire adapter kind of like the slimdrive-to-USB card in the cheap enclosure?

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                          [Off topic]

                          That looks really nice job....

                          [back to topic]
                          What enclosure did you use? The one from mp3car?


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                            Thanks. fabricated at home.

                            I have the el cheapo from mp3car. I do regret it, but it is the only one that would fit where I needed. Eventually I am going to have to pull the whole thing apart and cut the "slim-drive to USB" out to replace it. Have you had any luck?
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                              No luck with that one... I am using this one now:


                              Good luck.