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    Hopefully someone can help me with the powering problem I am having.
    I'm using an HP e-pc for my carputer. I had some problems getting a proper plug for the power cord so finally decided to ditch the plug completely and hardwire direct to my 19v power supply.
    I removed the plug from the motherboard and found there were three connections.
    Two are in line and one is to the side.
    I believe that the two inline are the earth and power and the one on the side shunts earth off unless the plug fits perfectly, so I've just wired earth and power to the two inline points.
    After I did this it worked fine for at least an hour.
    The next day I turned it on and hibenated it a couple times and no problem, but now it won't power on at all. even the fan wont go.
    However, when you connect the power it flashes a little light at the LAN port and thats it.
    Is there an inbuilt fuse or something that might be my problem.

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    Could it be that one of the wires is a remote turn on?

    I have no experience with e-PC's but on ATX boards, there is a power switch which controls the mobo. The computer won't boot up until this power switch is energized with the switch on the case. Seems this could be the same on the e-PC.
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