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2 hard drives...what goes where?

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  • 2 hard drives...what goes where?

    OK, re-doing my own carPC. Actually gonna use a Shuttle PC.
    I have 1 40 Gig HDD and 1 160 Gig HDD.
    I will install WindowsXP on the 40Gig and media, movies etc. on the 160Gig.

    My questions are:
    Where should I install netFramework, Adobe Flash, and such software?

    Then, where should I install all the programs like iGuidance, RoadRunner, DVDx?, E-Cig Mods
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    on the 40GB with windows.
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      Install all your media on the large drive. Install Windows and all the smaller, most used programs on the 40GB. Basically the advantage of doing this is that you're most used, core programs run off the 40GB. That way if your 160GB ever fails (backup your media) you can always get another and not have to worry about formatting the 40GB and re-installing everything again.
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