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Motherboard with AGP slot needed

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  • Motherboard with AGP slot needed

    Hi all...
    I am currently looking at building a carPC system, which must be able to display on the factory fit screen installed in my car..
    I currently have an ArcadeVGA graphics card, which will display perfectly on the screen, problem is its AGP slot..
    Can anyone recommend a good mobo to use, that must support 12v power supply???

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    I doubt you will find any mobo with an AGP slot that accepts a 12v input. there are plenty of ATX/micro-ATX mobos out there that have AGP slots, but they don't run on 12v, so you will need a DC-DC ATX power supply.

    you say you have a"factory fit screen"... is that an monitor that you installed or did it come with the car? what type of video inputs does it have?

    if that "factory fit screen" has a VGA input then ditch the old AGP card and use the onboard video of the mobo you get (almost all mobos mATX or smaller have onboard video). if the screen does not have a VGA input then it will look like crap no matter what you use.
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