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cn 13000g Driving me nuts!

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  • cn 13000g Driving me nuts!

    Hello all,

    Ive had this MoBo for about a year now and its been giving me nothing but problems recently. Every time i came back from hibernation i would receive a blue screen of death. I tried removing and reinstalling the OS countless times each time either getting a blue screen when first formating the drive (with NTFS) or when booting windows for the first time and setting everything up. Frustrated I removed it from my car and packed it away.

    I decided to dust off my carpc and give it another go. I sucessfully installed windows 2000 and had everything running perfect. However, i didnt create a partition large enough to be able to enable hibernation. So i tried to reinstall and now im back to blue screens everytime. I'm thinking its a memory issue but ive run memtest and recieved no errors. ive also hooked the drive to my main pc and scaned it with no errors. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be? Im using corsair 1g 667 value ram but im not sure the correct timings to set in the bios. Does anyone have this board with a stable setup? Preferably with 1 gig ram. What brand are you using? Thanks.

    Sorry for the novel^

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    any ideas? Just ordered a new ram stick. This tim directly from the company that sold me the motherboard and im still experiencing crash to reboots about every 5-10 minutes.


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      * desperation bump *