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2007 Impreza, full ATX MoBo?

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  • 2007 Impreza, full ATX MoBo?

    Been reading the forums for a few days, this is my first post...

    Right now in my office I have an older (6 years or so) Dell PC which according to the specs would make a very nice CarPuter system.. My only problem is how/where to mount it... I have heard of people mounting MoBo's to the underside of the trunk deck, but not a full ATX board..

    My question.. Do you think that mounting location would work, or should I look elsewhere? Where else would you suggest?

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    I seriously think that you should just go with a mini-itx board instead, they are failry cheap. I mount all the carpcs that I setup, main in Subarus, under the passenger seat.

    You can also place it on the back of the rear seat as well. Let me know if you have any other questions since I'm pretty experienced with Subarus. PM me.


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      Well, ideally I'd be going the mini-itx, or even pico-itx (so I could mount it behind my display IN the dash), but at the moment I'm on a budget.. I've got about $400-500 total to spend, and the screen and in-dash kit alone are going to take most/all of that...


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        cheap, fast, reliable, you can only have two at a time

        You're going to have to get a good power supply to power the board, which costs more then an M1 would for a mini-itx. Then, the case will be bigger, which will lead to mounting problems.

        Which screen are you looking into and which mounting kit?


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          hehe coming from the Honda Tuner scene, I'm familiar with the C/F/R formula... Right now I have ALL of the hardware I need, except a screen.. I was looking at the lilliput 7" with the in-dash installation kit available from the store. I'm looking for other options for that as well... Ideally I'd like to mount a larger screen somewhere eventually, but haven't seen any "clean" alternative ideas to the in-dash setup.


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            Are you planning on using the 619, old 629, or new 629 screen? The new 629 screen will not fit properly in the WRX kit.

            If you already have the screen, and it's not the new model, I have one WRX kit at home if you're interested. You can also mold the screen into place on the bezel and it comes out really nice.

            This is what I achieve when molding the screen.


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              Yeah, that's pretty much precisely what I'm looking for.. I don't have a WRX though, just a 2.5i

              However, looking around a bit, and thinking about what I'd eventually like to do, the idea of a motorized flip-out screen is starting to appeal to me. I really don't like the look of the HU on top of the dash in the gauge pod, and being able to hide the display when parked would be nice for where I live...

              I dunno, at this point I think I'm getting overwhelmed with ideas...


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                The 2.5i has the same bezel, except for the different AC knobs since it's mechanical right? If so, molding the screen as pictured above should not be an issue. I also mold them to the bugeye which comes with mechanical AC knobs just like yours.

                Motorized screens are nice, but very expensive. They range from 400+ dollars and they don't have a good track record.

                Hiding the screen when molded won't be possible unless you put something ontop of it every time you leave. Most thieves would rather try to jack the motorized then a molded bezel. If you don't want to place a HU in the top pod, then don't use one and just get a 4 channel amp.