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  • Overrange Lilliput help

    I recently received my Lilliput 629 series from UPS. I pulled out an old computer I have that's collecting dust right now. I hooked it up to the Lilliput and was able to see the boot screens. (there was something about it losing power, then the disk check because of that I believe and the Windows Loading screen) After that, the Lilliput goes dark and displays "Overrange" I'm not even sure what this means. The manual says to adjust the refurb rate. How can I fix this with the Lilliput being my only monitor? Is there something I could do in the Bios menu perhaps? Or should I search for a friend that would let me borrow their monitor to set the computers resolution (or whatever actually causes "Overrange") and refresh rates?
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    try booting into safe mode and choosing a valid video resolution and refresh rate.
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      I'm not sure how to do this since I can't see anything. The computer I'm using is running Windows 98 and I'm using the Dreamgear Minikey that can be found in the mp3car store.
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        Use a keyboard to get to safe mode. Try going into the Bios and changed the monitor type to CRT/LCD


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          After finally figuring out how to get into safe mode(press F8) and tinkering with just about any setting I could find related to displays, I've got it working. Hell, I'm typing this reply on it. Thanks for the tip.
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