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  • does this interest anyone?

    i just came across an imac, and well....mac sucks. atleast this mobo. i want to convert it from crt to lcd. thats not any bit of difficulty. by doing so leaves a LOT more room on the inside. im going to open it up to start measuring. but before i do and waste my time, does anyone think a mini atx mobo will fit inside of a imac g3?

    of course i already know that none of the existing connectors, i.e. the sound, usb and crap like that, will not line up. oh well, i can work around that.

    also i know that its nothing that is just going to just go right in. i will hafta make custom mounts for the mobo, slot load dvd, hdd, and power supply.

    basically, im wanting to use the case with an lcd in it.

    anyone ever done such a thing? or atleast seen it done? i googled some terms i thought might show some results, but i got nothing for the g3 model.

    what are the measurements of a mini atx mobo?

    if this has not been done and no one has ever heard of such an attempt, i would like to be the first. with everyone who wants to contribute brain cells and what not to this, you would get credit for the help. and feel good about making an old mac useful.