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Loopback adapter wake on link problem

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  • Loopback adapter wake on link problem

    I'm using a loopback adapter to turn on my asus eeepc. It worked several times, then I put it aside and started working on other aspects of my carpc. When I went to put it in the car it did not work. I tried it again and again and it worked about every 10th try. It works flawlessly from stand by, but not when it's off. I know I should probably just undo what I changed between the time it always worked to the time it didn't, but that's pretty much everything. I've checked all settings in my netcard, all seems well. I don't have any settings in my bios for this feature, just in windows. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I'm having the same problems, I've found that my problem is when I extended the cat5 to a switch in the dash to connect pins 1&3 (create the loopback) there must be too much impedance, because even after i let my momentary switch go, it keeps the link, but by creating the connections by the computer itself, it links/drops perfectly.