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VIA VT1708a HD Audio and Windows Mixer

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  • VIA VT1708a HD Audio and Windows Mixer

    Does anyone out there own one of the newer VIA boards with the VT1708a HD Audio Chip? I just received one from a friend and am disappointed to find out that the LineIn and Mic Playback devices are not accessible in the Windows mixer, i.e. my UI cannot control these lines!! I updated to the newest driver from, and still nothing.
    These playback lines are accessible in the VIA ADeck Mixer, when I disable digital output. After disabling digital ouput though, and the mic and linein controls appear in ADeck, they still do not appear in the Windows mixer.
    What gives? How can VIA put out embedded boards with audio chips that don't fully work with the Windows mixer?
    Does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge concerning this?
    Thanks in advance, I appreciate your time...