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HP E-Vectra Motherboard Type??

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  • HP E-Vectra Motherboard Type??

    My buddy just got an HP E-Vectra for his CarPC project, but we are both unclear as to what motherboard type it is. I read a review somewhere that said it is a little smaller than a micro-ATX but a little bigger than a mini-ITX. We need to figure it out so he knows what DC-DC power supply to buy for it.

    Thanks guys..

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    The HP E-PC is (as far as I can tell) a proprietary format. It has an on-board PSU. There are two types of PSU's for it - one is a 19V barrel connector with a power brick very similar (if not identical) to the HP laptop power cords. The other is an 8-pin connector with the 12V, 5V and GND supplied at different pins. Check to see which you have. There are threads about this scattered around this forum (I think some schematics for that 8-pin connector too). If you have the barrel connector, you could just use the Carnetix 1900 and be done.

    Good luck!

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