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2006 chevy silverado

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  • 2006 chevy silverado

    Sorry if you viewed this twice, it is also in newb section but i see more people view this forum.

    Had a few questions, well, pleading for suggestions i guess. I just got this truck, outfitted it with a tonneou cover and few other things, now its time for the interior. I want to leave it as stock as possible so this is where it comes in. I will be taking up most of the space under the rear seat for my subwoofers and amp (may be some room left in middle with amp) but i do not know where to put the pc. I'm going to build something no bigger then 10x6x4. What i was considering doing (since i do not want to cut up the dash) is building a box mounted to the floor inbetween center console (which is the 3rd seat flip up style) and the dash, building the pc into this box and have it matched to my interior, then mounting the lcd to the top of the box on a slight angle. As for hooking everything up i considered just getting an auxiliary input adapter for the cd changer port on the back of the stereo, and running the audio to that, running an antenna for the wireless to the back window, etc. This will only coverup the ash tray and cig lighters, if possible i'd like to even build the box to sit flush with the dash but not mount in or to it. There is also a 4wd shift on the floor offset to the left of center. No pics at the moment, will put them up later. Let me know what you guys think as i've never done this before! Not sure how to power it (dunno whether to use inverter or dc-dc supply) ps. also considering external usb slim dvd and external hard drive built into sillicon vibration resistant case.

    Thanks everyone, all suggestions welcome

    If you look for specs of the truck on the net to try to find pics it is the 2006 silverado 1500 extended cab, floor is vinyl/rubber all standard interior (no power door/windows though i will be taking care of that aswell). The middle i am talking about has nothing there presently except cup holders that jet out from the bottom of the center console.