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BMW E60 install and I-Bus retrofit....tricky

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  • BMW E60 install and I-Bus retrofit....tricky

    Hi all, I am installing a carputer in my E60 and will post pics soon. I have a challenge in front of me and need some help.

    I cannot use the E60s MOST bus to control my carputer, as to the best of my knowledge there is no equivelant to Rolfs IBus adapter for the Most bus so what ive done so far is changed my steering wheel to an E46 M3 wheel with paddle shift etc. I can now use the buttons with my IBus adapter to control Roadrunner ( in theory) What I need help with is setting up an independant IBus network in my car, what parts do I need from an E46 to relay messages from my wheel to the Ibus adapter? I've tried connecting the wheel directly to the IBus adapter and powering it but the IBus software doesent detect any button presses so perhaps I need an E46 BCM to relay the IBus traffic? Or does anybody on here know how I would build a small circuit to do this task for me?

    Retrofitting IBus to a car that doesnt have it to control a carputer might be beneficial to a lot of people on here so any help would be great.

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    Surely some IBus heads out there can help me with this? Please...


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      I don't think you can do that but you can use a Fusion Brain module to interface with your steering wheel.
      My BMW E46 carpc
      My iGuidance 4 skin
      FS transflective 2008 lilliput


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        Thats it? Anything else I need to do?

        Cheers for replys.


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          I have an e60 BMW 530i and have been wanting to put a carputer in it. Post osme pics of your install, I would really like to see them! Do you have an Idrive? I have been thinking of trying to use the Idrive screen for my carputer project.


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            I have Idrive but the oem screen is rubbish. Ive replaced the screen with a CTF700-h screen, am awaiting an rgb+s to composite converter so I can reconnect the Idrive to my new screen.


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              Originally posted by Craggy View Post
              I have Idrive but the oem screen is rubbish. Ive replaced the screen with a CTF700-h screen, am awaiting an rgb+s to composite converter so I can reconnect the Idrive to my new screen.
              where do you get a rgb+s converter? I would really like to replace that screen with a nice 7 or 8 inch touch screen that connects to a carputer. Do you know where I could get the info I need to start that project? Also, I heard we can not remove our factory CD drives as they have something to do with the way the idrive works.

              What e60 do you have?

              Here is a pic of mine

              The FJ already has a carputer in it.

              I have searched the web like crazy for info on replacing the idrive screen and did not come up with anything.


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                The factory headunit is part of the idrive computer and is the video interface so no, cannot be removed but i see no need for its removal anyway. I am going to use its auxilliary function for audio output from my carputer. I have no exterior pics at the min but heres some of the carputer.


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                  Niceee, good start! I have the same color trim in my car, but your steering wheel is on the wrong side. Keep us updated on the install! I will be doing the same thing soon, just need to know what I need to make the idrive work with my lilput screens.

                  You said there was auxiliary outputs through the idrive? Where are those located? are they just regular RCA connectors?


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                    Sorry, what I meant was that the oem radio has auxilliary input for audio, selectable in iDrive like the radio or cd player and this aux could be used to connect the carputer audio out removing the need for a seperate amplifier.
                    It just means keeping costs down and retaining as much oem equipment as possible.


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                      Hi guys, i've been searching for answers and think you might have then.

                      I've got a 525 E60 (2006 build) and want to install a in car pc but haven't a clue where to start, what I need and what is possible. I have more questions then answers unfortunately.

                      Craigy i like what you've done man! firstly, i have a 6'' display - i hear the resolution is rubbish. Can I replace that with a better screen? If so which would you recommend.

                      I want a car pc to play music, video, navigation, blue tooth and reverse camera. Where would you recommend I start with the project and what kit will i need ???

                      Tech180, cant wait to see pictures of your project. good luck man!


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                        2005 E60 Plans

                        Fellow E60 BMW owners,

                        I have a 2005 e60 525i without NAV and the small factory display. I have been also trying to find a way to get my carputer from my old Toyota into the beamer. I have been using a wind shield mount for now. I tried a adapter from GNet Nav Video,, and it really is crap, not very good support from the company. I will sell it cheap if you want to try. I was able to get the backup camera working and some video, but the VGA was very sporatic, and at 640 x 480 res (my video card doesn't even support this low res w/o safemode) I think it is almost worthless. I COULD still use it for a second monitor source so that if I want to see what I am sending to the aftermarket head-rest monitors, I could use iDrive to see it, I just don't know yet.

                        I think I am going to hack up my dash. I am going to relocate the seat heater and DTC switches to another area and cut away all of the plastic under the CD player. I will then move the factory display into this area and use the area vacated by the factory display for a touch screen Xenarc. I am hoping to start next week with exploratory surgery to see what is behind the little cubby under the CD player. If there is as much room as I think, then fabbing a monitor housing should be pretty simple, otherwise I will have to build it out over the ashtray in the center.

                        There are a bunch of kits to add component video to the factory screen, but I want the higher resolution and touch screen. I have a great custom shop in my area that does some great fabrication work as I suck at that stuff. I will take pictures of my progress.

                        I welcome any sanity checks.



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                          Any updates on your build? How did you mount that monitor? How hard it is to run without the monitor hooked to factory (select auto source, etc?)