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Connecting USB headers to the MoBo and other questions!

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  • Connecting USB headers to the MoBo and other questions!

    Well I got my KINO-690S1 and have already ran into road blocks, but from things not concerning the board (bad luck I guess). I did run into an issue....

    Question 1:

    I have the USB ports that connect to a PCI slot then from there, cables come out and connect to the USB headers on the board, but when I look at the diagrams provided by IEI, their configuration seems to be diffrent. According to the manual I should set it up as followed:

    PIN 1: +5V        PIN 5: Ground
    PIN 2: USBP4N     PIN 6: USBP5P
    PIN 3: USBP4P     PIN 7: USBP5N
    PIN 4: Ground     PIN 8: +5V
    As you can see, on one side its reversed, but on the connector on the USB plate thing, it isnt, it goes from +5V to ground in the same order on both sides. What do I have to do? break the connector and rearrange the wires?

    Question 2: The MoBo has 4 sata connectors and I seem to have issues with IDE, so I bought 2 IDE to SATA converters, one for the DVD ROM and one for the HDD. I notice though that the sata adapters also have power connectors. Does this mean I have to supply power to the HDD, DVD ROM, and the 2 sata adapters? If yes, can I consolidate all of them onto one molex connector?

    Thanx for any help!
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