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SPDIF/Optical to analogue converter

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  • SPDIF/Optical to analogue converter

    I don't know if I can, but I am looking for a way to convert either 5.1 SPDIF or digital optical output from my motherboard's onboard soundcard to an analogue 5.1 signal (5 seperate channels) to feed to my amplifers.
    Has someone already made such a thing? Is it commercially available?
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    why do you need analog 5.1 out?

    google is your friend

    check this out

    google search

    and try more searches there.
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      Radioshack 15-2420 (you can look it up on their website, including full specs and manuals) should do the trick.

      I'm going to be using it to convert an analog signal to digital. Should work the other way around too.
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        I think you would have to get a dolby 5.1 decoder or a digital to analog converter.
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