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CarPC specs....which PSU?

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  • CarPC specs....which PSU?

    I finally have the computer. I need to build a custom case to fit in vehicle and get a new bezzel from Nissan for monitor. Other then that, I have a 7" Lilliput and GPS reciever and software.
    Im going to describe what my system will have in it and hopefully ya'll can let me know if the M2-ATX psu will be enough or not.

    AMD Athlon XP 3000+ on a full atx Via board. Has 3 pci slots and one agp. (Its a HP Pavillion machine)
    with built in Realtec Sound card, On board video. I may upgrade to a Radeon 9600 AGP card if needed later...or/and upgrade to a sound blaster pci sound card if needed for quality sound.
    Single chip of 512 ram
    I am going to buy a Linksys PCI wireless card
    160 gig Seagate IDE Hard drive
    The only thing running of usb will be the usb of the touchscreen and the usb connection for the GSP reciever.

    I have a cdrw and a dvd player but will not be hooking it up. I may ocasionaly hook up the dvd but I doubt it. Im not really building this to view movies. Mainly using this for GPS and mp3 music. I will be using the head unit for fm music for now...maybe change to that Shark fm thing later.

    I dont know if anyone can give me a good opinion on this, but do you think the M2-ATX will be enough to safely power this?

    Thanks for the help.....I dont have the test equipment to see what this will pull...even if I did dont know if I would know how to

    Thanks for any advise and help