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Did my badly wired M4-ATX kill my motherboard?

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  • Did my badly wired M4-ATX kill my motherboard?

    Just had my system running fine, apart from a dead M2-ATX on\off motherboard switch (J8) So I picked up an M4-ATX to test.

    Sadly, in the haist to get it all back together, I put the motherboard on\off cable onto the two USB Ground terminals (6 and 7) not the MB on\off (4 and 5) (I think)

    Now when I boot up, I get fine POST \ BIOS, but when it comes to XP boot screen, every monitor I plug in says "NO INPUT".

    USB devices power on, no POST beeps, i did have NOGUIBOOT enabled, but it's never stopped outputting video.

    I'll be throwing in a linux liveCD to test tomorrow, as it could simply be an XP issue, but I'm curious, have I fried my motherboard?

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    If you're getting no errors during POST and you can actually SEE the POST/BIOS messages, it sounds like most of the board is working. The only thing that comes to mind is that somehow the video display settings have gotten set to a value beyond what your monitors can auto adjust to. What shoots a hole in that theory, tho, is I'm pretty sure the XP start up screen displays in a low enuff res for almost any monitor to display it. Once the OS finishes loading, then the actual pre-set resolution should kick in. Do you have a custom splash screen for XP that might've gotten hosed? I take it you NEVER get a desktop??
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      Try booting in safe mode vga just to test if its the resolution killing your monitor displaying anything.
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        Formatted a few times, found out that any time I install VGA drivers, the same NO INPUT happens. I've also plugged in my 22" ASUS, so I doubt it's going out of range.
        Swapped out RAM, no change.

        The thing that alerted me there's something else, is my USB keyboard input is starting to fail, spasmodically. in BIOS the arrow keys won't work, and sometimes do but are wrong (up = right) and even once registered as ESC.

        The video is sending out to my screens at 640x480 resolution but the actualy display is 1024x768, so any monitor i plug in can only see the center of the desktop. Then when I install VGA drivers, stops all output. It happened once when I just *clicked* the VGA driver install file, so I'm assuming there's something fried in there.

        I've ordered a new board, was an EN 12000EG, but I picked up an EN 15000 cheaper.


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          i have you tried using the motherboard reset jumper?
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