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Mounting angle for a slim DVD Rom

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  • Mounting angle for a slim DVD Rom

    I wanted to put a slot load DVD player between my seats near the front of my car.

    You cannot really see the angle in this picture, but this is where I wanted it. In the center carpet. I can easily cut a nice slot in there for it.

    It would be mounted at like a 30 or 40 degree angle. Would this have any effect on the disk? I'm hoping it won't skip.

    I am a little wary of doing this since it would be directly under the cup holders. O_O

    But, if I can grab a used one of this site for $20 then why not try right?

    btw, shows actual images of the product right?

    meaning this is what I get exactly as shown:

    *Just noticed that the above dvd-rom uses IDE cables. I'm guessing an IDE cable ran to the back of the car wouldn't work too well.
    The question still stands I guess. I will just have to look for a USB slot load player.

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    You should be fine with a slight angle... Dunno about a 40 degree angle, though. I've used slot loading drives up to about 25 degres personally with no problems.

    Generally, mp3car displays pictures of the actual items.. but not always. For example, LCD screens. Read the description of the one you are looking at carefully.. it is missing the bezel for it (the black part on the front). Since the picture shows a drive with the black face, most likely that is just a generic picture.

    You can find a replacement bezel on ebay or i've seen that at

    Most laptop drives (such as that one) use a "slimline connectore". You will either need to get a slimline to IDE adapter, a slimline to USB adapter, or a slimline to IDE adapter plus a IDE to USB adapter if the drive is more then ~18 from the motherboard.

    Again, you can find those on ebay or at the mp3car store.