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    I need some advice. I want to buy a PIC programmer, but I am unsure as what exactly to buy. I am sure that there are many people on here that have a programmer and can offer me a little help.

    I am looking to do a controller project for colledge. I will need to be able to program various PIC's so I am looking for something that is versitile and can program as many PIC's as possible for future projects. Would prefer USB connectivity. Any ideas?
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    I bought this pic programmer for other projects from this store on ebay.

    Located in Canada, but came quickly and have had no problems. They have several other models, I just needed a cheap and simple one.

    All I needed extra was a serial cable, which I have several of. And the software is linked from the item's web page.


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      I use this one
      It's a PICSTART Plus clone, which handles all the PICs I've tried and works with MPLAB but they haven't updated it for MPLAB 8.0 yet so some new features may not work or something.


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        thanks guys, Look like I am up for some more research. Any other suggestions?
        Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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          Here's the products...

          ... my son and I use:

          Excellent quality & docs; the compilers are much less expensive than most.


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            I use this one. Its USB.


            I use it with PicBasic Pro, works great


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              Thanks for all the info guys. Trying to digest it all.
              Never let the truth get in the way of a good story