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Intel D201GLY2A Hard drive speed

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  • Intel D201GLY2A Hard drive speed

    I replaced my notebook carpc (AMD XP 2200+) with an Intel D201GLY2A and the only part I recycled was my 60 GB Hitachi 7200rpm notebook hard drive. CPU performance seems to be the same if not better, but the hard drive speed is much slower. Both systems were 512MB RAM, so hibernation file should be the same size. However the D201GLY2A takes about three times longer restoring hibernate file than previously.

    Has anyone else observed slow IDE hard drive performance?

    Perhaps I need to purchase an SSD SATA HD to fix this slow speed problem? Someone used a program called HDBench v3.30 to compare two SSD SATA drive performance so I decided to run the same app on my home computer (160GB Seagate) and on my carpc (60GB Hitachi). I'm only getting approx 20MB/sec on reads.

    If you wanna compare hard drive speeds, here's the HDBench program free download.

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    I think I've discovered why my HD speed is much slower. The notebook IDE cable that comes with the VoomPC-2 case is not 80conductor type and therefore cannot support higher transfer speeds.

    I have a spare IDE notebook adapter with 80 pin conductor cable but the adapter hits my Kingston RAM. Relocating the hard drive to the CDROM drive bay didn't help either.

    Replacing the DIMM with a shorter piece might fix the problem, but I think going to SATA will be the best choice for this motherboard/case combo.