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Lowered Cars? How's your hard drives holding up?

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  • Lowered Cars? How's your hard drives holding up?

    I am sure there are other people out there, but i've got a 2002 Maxima that's dropped 2.5" inchs on Tein S-Tech's with Tokico Illumina's, the problem is the car rides very very rough from time to time. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there with a similar setup that could tell me if they have been having any problems with hard drive failure. I usually keep my suspension on it's stiffest settings (like the handling) and the ride can be bone jarringly rough. Someone please offer me some incite on this as my car pc install begins this week.
    2002 Nissan Maxima
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    I've replaced my hard drive once in 5 years. Not sure if it was related to suspension or not.

    I drive a bagged blazer
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      I have used 3,5" drives forever in my car, never had a disk crash or any problems related to the g-forces on the drives, although the IDE connector seems to be somewhat more rugged than the SATA connector, so its really a matter of getting the case mounted properly and the disk mounted properly in the case, and by that i mean firmly, no loose screws or mounting brackets.
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        Oh, and my car is pretty hard from the factory, and has been lowered around 2 inches.
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          300M Special. 18' wheels, sport suspension.

          Ride is...................ahem......................."f irm"

          Never had any drive problems in a couple years.

          I use 3.5" drives also........
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            Mine's lowered 2.5" and using a 2.5" laptop drive. No problems. The rear bottoms out with 3 or 4 people in it. Still no problems with the PC at least.

            Oh, vertical mount.


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              i hadda accord coupe that was so low i couldnt drive it into a repair bay for the inspections lol. But i never had a hard drive issue during that time.
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                Well my drive is holding up fine, it's the bottom of my car that is struggling as it keeps catching on the apex of the drive on the way due to the slope the drive has.

                But thanks for asking.

                Maybe I should have gone for a softer drive. But then that would proabably make the problem worse. hmmmm


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                  Lowered is different than having your shocks to the maximum stiff settings. Anyhow, it shouldn't be a problem with the HD.