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when i start my car, no sound

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  • when i start my car, no sound

    hey, i recently bought a visteon hd zoom radio module and installed it into my carputer. it'll work fine if i just turn on the accessories or if i start the car then wait for the computer to boot up, but when i start the car if it has already booted up it becomes unresponsive. my car is a n '07 mustang and the way i hooked it up was the ignition wire to the visteon was spliced into the wiper motor/blower fuse cause they turn on when access are on. i also have my radar detector spliced into that fuse and it turns on. one thing i noticed though is that when i turn the key it turns off for a split second... is the problem that maybe the circuit opens for a split second?????

    if i start it up immediately then open the program it'll work fine though. i just can't start up windows with the engine off or it'll just crap out on me unless i close the program and start it again

    not sure what it is but any advice would be good


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    That is an interesting problem. Let me do some research and I will get back to you.
    Working on my Comp TIA training.