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Audio has bad static- New Setup

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  • Audio has bad static- New Setup

    I've just got done setting up everything on a PC that i've had and the only thing left is an issue with the sound having really bad static ONLY when sounds are playing. Its an on board audio setup on a no name motherboard. I'm getting a mixture of static and sound. I've plugged my headphones directly into the PC and I still get the same static, so, i know its not noise through the lines in the truck. The driver that windows stuck to it was a SIS 7018 driver. What should i look into first? I've already updated to the most current version of that driver with no luck.


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    Try playing around with the ground of the pc


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      I bench tested it in the house as well and its still the same. I used to have the same cheapo board a while back that i used (i bought 2 at one time) and i remember having the same issue but i dont remember what my fix was.


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        Ok so the driver it installed was the Sis 7018 driver but when i went into the BIOS menu it made mention that the sound controller was a AC'97. I tried downloading the drivers for the AC'97 controller but it wouldnt take them.


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          well i think you should already know your answer. If the in-house bench test prove the same results it prolly just a shiddy mobo. look into other soundcard alternatives
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