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PS3 bluetooth controller ?

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  • PS3 bluetooth controller ?

    The idea;-

    I ideally want to use a PS3 controller, connected via bluetooth, to control my front end (road runner), play games with, and control the mouse cursor witht the anologue stick (various software available to use game controller to mimic mouse movements).

    I have seen several drivers supporting use of the playstation controller with the USB interface, but that kinda defeats the goal of having a wireless solution.

    As many of us utilise bluetooth in their carPCs, then I thought that this would be a good idea, if there was only a wireless driver available, however I have searched, and searched, but found only dead ends and dissapointments.

    If anybody knows of a way I can hook this up, then please let me know.
    Similarly, if there's any scripting junkies out there looking for their next buzz of acheivement, then the challenge is set!

    Eventually, I expect that the six axis feature (similar to the Wii's gyroscopic sensory remotes) will be incorporated, so that you will be able to skip the track/adjust volume etc. just by tilting the controller to one side.

    I doubt I'm not the only one who may use this, and I could see no previous posts on this, so I thought I'd just kinda through it up in the air, to see what response I get.

    Thanks in advance,