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  • AMP help.

    Just hooked up the CarPC last weekend. So far, it's pulling my hair out. Everything works ok, just a few issues.

    When I first turn the ign. to ACC, it fires up the the computer and the amp, then I can hear a slight buzzing and the sound of the HD spinning until windows starts, then it stops. When I stat the car, I hear the whining of the alt. or whatever, but it stops when windows starts.

    I have the AMP remote hooked into the ACC wire. This is a factory amp. Would adding a relay to my DSATX JP1 'F' pin then to the amp help this? Why does the noise go away when windows starts? Maybe a sound card problem?


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    That would depend on how long the psu will wait before turning on the amp. Probably not more than a few seconds, so I doubt it will get you the result you're looking for. It wouldn't hurt, though.

    Most likely the audio outputs are floating until the audio chip gets initialized by its drivers. In other words, the sound card isn't influencing the audio signal at all so it's free to pick up stray interference and send it to the speakers until windows takes over.