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best wireless way to transfer?

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  • best wireless way to transfer?

    Well im looking into wireless networking, basicly all I would need is 2 computer to be hooked up wirelessly, Desktop and car is about 10 meters from my window....

    what I want to know is what is the best and cheapest way to go?

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    I think most people are using 802.11b. It has descent throughput (11 Mbps max) and prices are really coming down. I suspect that they will continue to drop now that 802.11a (typically anywhere from 50 to 70 Mbps) is starting to ship in volume. Of course 11a gives much quicker transfer times, but I'm always worried I'll start glowing in the dark the more I use it!
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      LOL what will not kill you will only make you the old saying goes.... thx for the info!


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        802.11a (55mbit/s) is much faster, however it is also much much more expensive. Unless you plan on transferring massive amounts of data a lot, 802.11b is cheap and equal in bandwidth to your 10-mbit/s LAN. You should be able to get 800-1000KB/s off of it, which is enough to transfer a song in just a few minutes. IF you're planning on transferring massive amounts of data, just bring the carputer inside or run an ethernet cable outside and enjoy 100mbit/s access.
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          I move massive amounts of data between my home desktop and car's laptop via a Sony PCWA-A500 802.11a wireless access point and 802.11a card. I have a Datalux touchscreen so I take advantage of it and download movies, music videos and even record TV shows and then zap them over to the car in a matter of minutes. I'm talking just a few minutes to move a Gig of data...only a few seconds to sync a few mp3's. BTW, I use SmartSync Pro. I spent 3 days straight trying out every single syncing utility ever made and SmartSync Pro worked the best for me for bi-directional syncing. If I add or delete a file from my home desktop or car laptop, the corresponding file will get added or deleted off the other computer the next time I sync. That way I have one "virtual" mp3, my documents, my favorites, etc. folder even though the folders exist on two physical drives. The cost of the 802.11a stuff is more expensive but the speed jump is substantial. Another advantage is that security is not as big of an issue for me in my neighborhood since 90% of the wireless stuff sold is 802.11b. One disadvantage is that if I travel (airports) I can't hook up to any wireless networks with my laptop unless they use 802.11a. Hope this helps!