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OT : Wiring electric mirrors with turn signals

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  • OT : Wiring electric mirrors with turn signals

    I got a severe case of dummy and crashed up my passenger side mirror backing out of the garage. So I figure since I got to replace it I may as well get a set of mirrors with the turn signal on them.

    Anyway it comes with zero wiring instructions so I thought I might purchase a clue here if I describe the wires. Suggestions as to the purpose of each wire by conventional color would be highly desired. Some of you guys are aces at all things electric.

    It has four loose wires colored black, blue, red, yellow. I figure they are for the turn signal.

    It has a square connector which of course doesn't fit anything I figure are for the motor control. The wires are colored white, brown, blue, black. The mirror motor control on the car only has three wires.