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    I'm looking to build a fairly basic and inexpensive car pc to handle the typical duties such as navigation, music, obd, etc. The ability to capture video would be nice but not a necessity.

    Space is not an issue as I could easily fit a full ATX board in the storage compartment I will be using.

    I'm game to jump on board with the D201GLY2 however, a video output for a rear seat monitor is mandatory, and the D201GLY2 lacks this.

    Would my best option be to go with the D201GLY2 and add a video card that would provide a video output (I think I have one from an old PC), or is there another option that would work better?

    I've considered some other options but am having a hard time figuring out what the power requirements would be, and this plays in with cost/performance vs the D201GLY2.

    Any comments, suggestions, or links to places where these questions are already answered are appreciated.

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    Maybe a critique of my question? To stupid to have asked, or to deep to answer?


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      Video cards do tend to burn up some power........

      Number of motherboards available with multiple video outputs - mine has VGA and HDMI, only using the VGA so far but wanted the second just in case I do decide to get another video screen, it is a microATX board
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        Almost all the via boards I have seen have VGA and TV out. The M10k I had, had a VGA Out, S-Video Out, and RCA Video Out all onboard and the whole thing draws less than 25W with RAM installed and all.
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          the 201gly2a has an s-video port. at least i believe thats the version number that has one.
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            Thanks for the responces. I'll focus on boards with video outputs.