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  • Car CD as CD-ROM

    This might be a dumb question (might?) but I was wondering if a car's CD player could be used by the carputer as a CD drive to rip audio CD's to MP3's. As I said, it might be a dumb question but I' mjust curious.
    Thanks in advance

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    Pioneer Car Single CD headunits DEH-P90HDD

    anything is possible if you have the funds to drive your desires.

    Here's a cool Pioneer deck that has the following features if you wanted a indash cd ripper:Was: 2,100.00 Sale: 1,465.34
    Pioneer Headunit
    -10GB HDD (Hard Disc Drive) Built-in
    -ATRAC3 Compression with 132kbps/105kbps recording modes can store up to 200 CD's of music
    -Record digitally from built-in CD player (real-time ripping speed)
    -Custom Playlists ,Up to 6 User-created Custom Playlists
    -Auxiliary Input (CD-RB10 or CD-RB20 required)
    -2 Display Modes (alternate screen layouts)
    Form 1 includes 32-character text display capability
    Form 2 includes 2 lines of 24-character text display capability

    -Please note that Audio Impact will not be processing any orders until December 7, 2002.
    GTI - Palm IIIe controlled with Radio faceplate hack for keyboard control of WinAmp w/ Vocal Genre playlist loading.
    VW Bus - 10.4" vga lcd. Loaded with same software as above.


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      Analog, yes. Digital, no. Even with analog, everything would be manual (ie. you hit "record" on your MP3 player, then "play" on the CD track would be the same).
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        Ok, thanks for your answers. I've been thinking about maybe putting a CD-Rom drive in the dash anyway, they're about the same size as a cd player, just without the pretty light show.