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small size Video card

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  • small size Video card

    I am looking for a small size AGP video card , legth of the card doesn't matter but height have to me small maybe < 2inches 8mb and up would be ok , (b/c it's for 800x600 screen )

    I'm putting a motherboard inside of a glove compartment b/c of the small space I can't really use rise card too.

    Does any one know where I can find a video card like this?

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    Why not just use a mini itx motherboard with built in video?
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      I believe some of the ATi Xpert 99/2000 cards are pretty small.
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        Re: small size Video card

        Here's a bunch
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          A lot of the Gerforce 2 MX's are very small, I'd say about 1 1/2", some even come with half height brackets. You'd have to check each one individually but the GF2 if pretty cheap now a days