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My DDIn setup - First draft - please comment

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  • My DDIn setup - First draft - please comment

    So, after hours and hours of checking the available hardware, going through the service manuals of my car, etc. etc. I have come up with a draft of my planned system.

    It is mainly aimed at being "easy to do" for myself. It will replace the current stock HU which is a piece of crap. The amp and the speaker system are sufficient though, so I try to leave that stuff untouched.

    I'd love to hear any comments and suggestions about it and would love to pointed into the way of possible problems with this setup.

    And sorry for the odd looks, it is my first stab at Visio... heh. But I think you should be able to get my idea.

    Some comments/questions:

    - I have settled for nano-ITX in a DDIn case to be mounted in dash because I do not feel like rewiring my entire car. The only other feasible location would be the trunk, as there hardly is any room below the seats and there would be lots of issues with wiring.

    - I will be powering the entire system from a factory mounted 12v line. That line is taking directly from the battery and has a separate fuse box and is originally for the Bose amp/speaker system that came from factory. So, the carpc and the amp will be on the same line, just as originally the stock HU and the amp would have been. Or do you think I should pull a separate line to power the carpc setup? Also, for powering the screen, are there any pros/cons about powering from the automotive PSU as opposed to powering it separately?

    - One thing that worries me is that I need to get sound from a mainboard minijack to 4x rca in order to feed the stock Bose amp properly. I will obviously lose the front/right fading function, but I don't care about that realy. I think the route from minijack to 2xRCA and then splitting further to 4xRCA will result in a very weak signal and might invite noise/interferences.
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