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    Can anyone tell me if they've ever seen this type of connection before? I am assuming it is the power connection to the Mobile Vu computer and Mobile Vu touch display. What I don't know is where to get this type of connection? Are they available anywhere? I have looked at Radio Shack/Online...Is there a particular name for it? There is currently someone selling a cable (the female end of this connector with bare wire on the other end) on Ebay, but they want 25.00 plus close to 20 bucks for shipping. This has got to be available somewhere.

    I have included some pics. For size comparison the entire black circle is roughly the size of a nickle.

    Thanks for your help!


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    looks like an old style speaker connector.
    Not doing carpc anymore


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      Yea looks like a typical spade connector.

      Should be able to find some female connectors to match at RadioShack
      My 2007 Yukon XL setup.