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  • Minimum PC Req's

    Pentium 200 - MMX
    64 mb SIMM

    Do you think that will be any problem for a non-divx mp3 player? I am going to have a LCD TFT display so there will be some minor graphics going on. Planning on running windows 98 on this box also. Thanks in advance!

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    should be plenty

    please note that is your friend.


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      Sorry about that, didn't see that up there :> I'll try to stop redundant posts when I can!


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        I'm skeptical. I used to run a NS Geode at 233 Mhz and playing MP3s used 70-90% of the CPU. Granted thats with a Geode and not a true Pentium, but it can't be too far off. It was a pretty light wieght mp3 player but it was not optimized for MMX.

        It would depend on what your doing graphically.
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          My P166MMX player works great.

          Also, note that you will need 2 64MB SIMMS. SIMMs must be installed in pairs. Or two 32s, 16s, etc.
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