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USB ports not immediately recognize...Only after "Add New Hardware"

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  • USB ports not immediately recognize...Only after "Add New Hardware"

    I have two USB ports installed in my dash. Each port is plugged into a hub, and the hub connects to a 12' USB cable that runs to the PC in the trunk. When I plug something into the USB port, it will not detect it, but if I go to Add New Hardware (control panel), it will find the device.

    Is this just a distance issue? I didn't think USB was limited to such a short distance.

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    It could be your hub that's causing the problem.


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      Originally posted by BlackStealth View Post
      It could be your hub that's causing the problem.
      I wonder what would do that.
      I was going to look into a powered hub anyway.


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        I have some stuff that refuses to work with a USB hub period. Now I avoid using a HUB because of this.


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          It could be 2 things........ the HUBS are not getting enough power... I recommend powering them. Also it could be that you have very weak onboard USB ports. What type of system is it? How many USB ports? On my setup I have 8 USB ports coming off the MoBo, but have heavy usage devices, and although the computer didnt always tell me, i was using to much bandwith and if I tried to connect anything, it either didnt connect, had to look like you did, and or it installs as something it isnt supposed too. What I have done now is put my Sound Blaster Live on a onboard USB port, along with 3 touch screens, 3 wireless keyboard, a TPMS reciever, and a wireless hand held mouse, basically low bandwidth consumption stuff... i no longer have the issue. I have bought a USB 2.0 card (they tend to be more powerful then a onboard chip, since it is dedicated to the service), so I am hoping it will handle a Sprint 595u aircard, bluetooth, a belkin 54g, a 4gb thumbdrive for eboostr (XP version of ReadyBoost). I was thinking about adding a HDD too, but decieded to use eSata so I dont kill this USB cards bandwidth too.
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