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Delco Radio Swap for another Delco

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  • Delco Radio Swap for another Delco

    Before I started this project I was not aware of the difficulty that came with it. Now, I'm up to my buttcheeks in it and need some expert assistance, or at least a good excuse to buy a length of rope and make a gallows.

    I have a 2002 Chevy Express Cargo Van that I am converting to a road warrior ... almost all of the comforts of home.

    The van came with an AM/FM stereo radio with no extras. I was fortunate (this point is debatable) to pick up a Delco AM/FM/CD/Casette radio from a 2004 Monte Carlo. It slipped right in an does look very nice. That's about it.

    After entering a sequence of button combinations I got past the calibration error and the locked features. The radio plays fine and so does the CD. All is not well though.

    I took the vehicle over to the GM dealership and tried to have them swap the VIN ID in the rom of the radio. There is no communication to the radio with their tech2. Changing the VIN ID is not an option at this time and I have to go through the button sequence each time to get past the calibration error and lockout. Also, the key accessory position does not work with the radio and the auto shutoff does not work when the key is turned off and the door is opened.

    I have tunes but I want to configure it properly so that I can access it with the tech2 and have all of the key position functions work. If it means anything the radio does display station information such as song and artist (RDS?)

    I have the VIN from the 04 Monte Carlo which is stored in the rom (the last 6 digits are anyway).

    Needless to say, I need help and I'm willing to pay for it if someone can help me out here. Every GM dealership I have gone to gives me different information which is neither consistent nor correct. One even told me "there is no way you will ever get sound out of that radio"! I took him to the van and showed him it will.

    Scratch one dealership.

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    What has this got to do with putting computers in cars? I suggest that you go to a GM forum and ask them.
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