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5200 vs 7200 rpm HDD for storage

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  • 5200 vs 7200 rpm HDD for storage

    I tried looking this up but haven't been able to find information specific to performance for file storage. I plan on putting the OS on a CF drive and to store all of my music, video, etc on a separate HDD. What I am wondering is if it is worth the extra money for a 7200rpm HDD for music playback.

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    No, it wouldn't be worth it at all. Transfer speeds are pretty much irrelevant for any type of file playback and the difference in seek rates when changing songs and such would be negligible at best.

    Also, I believe 7200rpm drives tend to use more power. This could cause problems if you're planning on using USB to power the drive (assuming you're talking about using a laptop drive)


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      Dyne. Thanks for the information. I am planning on using the HDD internally but am trying to keep the power consumption to a minimum. It looks like the 5200rpm will be my best bet then.