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Fuzzy GM965 Users: System Specs and Issues/Fixes

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  • Fuzzy GM965 Users: System Specs and Issues/Fixes

    Hey guys, me and another new member are having some issues getting our 965s to start up. He has compared the problem to a similar issue with RAM compatability on Jetway boards. I searched and found a couple of you guys are using them but not much as far as system specs.

    For those of you with functional systems could you give a rundown of your specs (particularly RAM) and any issues you may have had and whatever you did to fix them. Thanks.

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    I am having problems getting it to work with the M2-ATX
    2003 E46 BMW
    Lilliput Transflective, GM965 mobo w/ Processor
    ELMSCAN 5 USB, Slot load DVD, BU-353 GPS
    Everything is for sale.


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      yeah i checked out your post. i wish i could help but you're farther along than me since you have at least got it to boot.

      i read up a bit on the m*-atx and they just seemed to be iffy psu from what i gathered. granted, i am the newbiest and can only go by what i read even if i only understand half of it.