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Problem starting Jetway 7F2WE-1G5-OC m/board

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  • Problem starting Jetway 7F2WE-1G5-OC m/board

    First some background:
    Got this board over a year ago and had it running for a while to check that everything was working. Was powering it from a regular atx power supply. Finally got around to getting stuff ready for my install to took the m/board back out and tried to boot.

    All that is connected is the power supply and ram but when I switch on the power comes on for 1 sec then goes off then on again for a fraction of a sec, then off then on then off and then stays off

    I assume there is a short somewhere? I'm not running this in a case (it's just sitting on my (clean) desk. Could it be a grounding issue? I've got a voom case ordered so I could wait to install it in that and try to power it from my m2-atx but I'd prefer to get stuff working before it arrives.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    note:between when it was last running and now nothing has changed as it was just sitting in a spare computer case.

    If you need any other info just ask.


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    Just to close off this issue - turns out it was a dodgy power supply after all. Everything's now installed in the voompc case and working on my desk being powered from a car battery charger.