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I Think I Toasted Something.

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  • I Think I Toasted Something.

    Ok, I've had my CarPC up and running for a few months now. It's still unfinished though.
    Just the other day I went into town, it was running fine, got to the store, shut it down, went inside to shop, came back out, went to crank the car and it never booted, it acted like it wasn't getting any power.
    It was the hottest it's been since the install though (June in FL and all...) so the thought crossed my mind that maybe it was just too hot for it. So I checked the heatsink on the CPU and it was frying. I decided it would be best to unplug the 12v input from the M2-ATX so that it wouldn't try to boot, and look at things when it was cooler.
    Later when everything was much cooler I plugged the M2 back in and tried to boot it again, same as before, acts like it has no power.
    Now I know something is wrong, so I checked all the cables, etc, everything is fine.
    My next test is to unplug the soundcard, hard-drive, and everything else from the motherboard and from the power, also to reseat the RAM. Still no luck.
    Next I turn my attention to the power supply, I unplug it from the mobo and everything else except for my monitor (so I can tell if it's working) and do the classic jump-the-green-wire-to-a-black-one method of testing a PSU. The monitor comes on, well at least I have 12v.
    Just to be sure it's not the PSU I go get a nice 350W 110v PSU from the house and an extension cord. Same results, it just acts like it has no power, no beeps, no flashes, no nothing.
    This is the point I'm at now (feel free to correct me anywhere here, or offer advice on diagnosis):

    Either the motherboard or the CPU is toast
    I doubt itís the CPU, because it's an AMD Turion ML-37, itís a laptop CPU, and the tech at AMD said it was good for 90somthing deg Celsius (over 190 Fahrenheit) and that temp is WHILE RUNNING not just a max storage temp. I know it's never been that hot in my car (for that matter the heatsink couldnít have been that hot or it would have burned me.
    Also if there is something wrong with the CPU the mobo should beep, or blink the status LED or something.

    The only problem is that I have no other mobo that is a socket 754, nor do I have another socket 754 CPU to put in it, so I can't test for sure that it is the mobo and not the CPU or the converse. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to test one or the other without having an extra CPU or mobo?

    Also... It seems a bit strange that it would die while I was in the store with it turned off, I would think that it would have died on my way to the store, it's about a 10min drive, the CarPC boots as soon as you crank it, and it was probably just as hot in the car when I left the house as it was when I got out of the store. So what gives? Why would it die when it was off, not while it was running in that kind of heat? Was it even the heat at all or am I jumping to conclusions to quickly, was it just happenstance?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Oops... I forgot,
    the motherboard is a MSI K8NGM-V if that helps.
    Ashley -
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      Sounds like a coincidence. Heat not a factor, just dead mobo. Did you try it with the RAM out?
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        I hadn't yet but I did just now and got the same result.
        Also tried swapping RAM to some from one of my desktops. Still the same old story, however I did notice one thing just now, because I haven't messed with it in the dark... After I connect the power the M2-ATX will wait 4 seconds and try to turn on, at that very moment the green and yellow lights on the onboard LAN plug blink, just for a fraction of a second.
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          So anyone else have any ideas or comments? I'm probably going to buy a new mobo, but first I wanted to try and figgure out if the failure was due to heat or just coincidence.
          Ashley -
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            Was your system getting really really slow before it wouldnt start? If so, then I would say heat. As a laptop chip lowers its max clock as the temp rises to try and compensate to the point of being unuseable right before it doesnt boot.

            If not, then it is probably just a coincidence. Heat might of had a role though, FL is very humid, and when you have something that hot, something is bound to condensate, maybe shorted a trace.

            You can buy the motherboard from someplace that accepts returns so if the new mobo still doesnt work you are only out like 10% or 15% or something.
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              You've checked all fuses? Even ones you did'nt install yourself and might come inside other parts?
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