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Using lilliput controls to control pc

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  • Using lilliput controls to control pc

    Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone has tried to use the volume controls on the front of a lilliput screen (mines a 629) as an actual volume control? I'm planning on keeping the buttons visible on my install and would prefer not to have a few sitting there that will be doing nothing. Also, it'll mean that I won't have to find another place to install something and make it look like it's supposed to be there.

    I've had a search already and found nothing but if there is something out there about it can someone point me in the right direction?

    It sounds very much like something that someone's bound to have tried before!

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    Anything's possible through the magic of soldering. If you ran the contacts to something like an I-PAC or Fusion Brain or something, you could turn them into buttons that do something on the PC. But... what?
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      All I'm thinking at the moment is a simple volume up/down and mute. The rest are actually useful for the screen itself. Suppose I'll have to get my soldering iron out then...


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        Makes sense. The buttons are built into a PCB, so you should plan on either scraping the traces to break their connection to the Lilliput or doing something with the ribbon cable that connects it to the rest of the electronics. Otherwise, you'll get a VOLUME + or whatever in green on the screen and a bar graph that has no connection with the actual volume control on your computer.

        I ended up deleting the buttons on mine. The board will still be there, out of sight, but I've cut them off so they don't mar the look. Also, it gives me space to put the slot-load DVD-R drive in under the monitor and still fit in the opening I'm working with.
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          Well I know I could just cut them out but I do like the look of mine and I like being able to turn off the screen at times and having the screen controls there and handy instead of bringing the remote with me. I'll probably scrape the tracks rather than having to worry about messing with the ribbon cable (hadn't even thought about the OSD not reflecting teh computer's volume! cheers!).

          I don't need anything like the expandability of the fusion brain so I'll try to have a look around for other solutions.


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            Search the BYOAC forums classifieds, I bought my minipac for $30 CAD shipped, back when that was like 25 US. Never did get around to making that arcade system though...
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              Heh heh, I bought my I-PAC and DID complete my arcade controller. Great minds think alike, though.
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