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Minimal i-bus system: steering wheel -> i-bus -> interface -> aftermarket HU

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  • Minimal i-bus system: steering wheel -> i-bus -> interface -> aftermarket HU

    Hi all, new member here. Have an e36 M3 which I am using to try to ease myself into the world of carputering by means of some iBus:ing.

    And, without further ado, let me present my first problem.. (feel free to scroll down to "QUESTIONS")

    I am trying to get the radio buttons in a -97 e39 steering wheel work, via an i-bus interface with an aftermarket head unit (a Becker Cascade 7944). There is no carputer or other i-bus components involved, and the head unit does not have an IR remote. The head unit is supposed to be able to speak to i-bus using the interface (a Dietz AD9-3002).

    The basic idea is to get the radio buttons working with the head unit. I am mounting the wheel in an e36, which doesn't have i-bus, why I want to get an as small as possible i-bus system up and running. Ideally I only want the wheel, interface and head unit but I am not sure if it is possible.

    I've hooked the wheel up to Ibus Analyser (IA) using Rolf Resler's interface and a 10kohm pullup resistor, and been able to view and verify the signals from the wheel buttons. But, when I hook up the head unit it doesn't respond to the button presses. I've tried with and without the resistor, and also with and without the pc interface hooked up to the bus.

    With everything hooked up I do still get the button signals in IA, and also a reocurring message, presumably from the head unit, which IA can't interpret (they are interpreted as errors) and which I can't find any reference to (not even the device ID's 02 and 13):

    02 30 13 53 82 B2 35 FF


    1. Does anyone recognize the iBus message above?

    2. Should this small i-bus system work (in which case there is some problem with the head unit or it's interface) or am I missing something? I know some units need a wake-up message from the i-bus, why it is not always enough to use a pullup to get them working, but I can't see this being the case for an aftermarket head unit?

    I'll kiss the feet of anyone who can lend any sort of help or pointer...