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Vantec ez swap 2.5 enclosure

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  • Vantec ez swap 2.5 enclosure

    I was wondering if i put a hard drive inside of this enclosure and connect it to my carpc via sata off the motherboard using the ezswap, will it allow me to boot from it like a normal harddrive? I like this item as a mounting solution also because the fact that you can put the ez swap anywhere in the car granted the wires reach and you can just eject your harddrive.

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    it looks sweet, but remember sata cable is suppose to be max of 1 meter long, and esata is 2m.
    unless you're looking for the hard drive as storage, its kind of pointless to have removable HD that has an OS installed.


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      not really especially if you use your car to datalog. It has a usb connection all you need to do is eject the drive and go and connect at your house via usb and you can explore the files. I dont plan on moving it more than a meter away though.