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Sound and car Amp question?

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  • Sound and car Amp question?

    hi everyone,

    I have just finished and installed my first incar pc for one of my customers, and i have struggled on a few sound issues.

    I used the standard onboard sound jack out to rca that went into the screen i was using, and from there it went to the 4 channel amp that was wired to the speakers.

    I found this to give a very week signal and decided to swap the connection from the pc to screen and use the rca output on the "VOOM 2" case into the screen, and then to the amp, but used the hi level input from the amp and instead of using rca's from the screen to the amp, i used the speaker wires from the iso on the screen into the hi level on amp.

    Sorry about going on just wanted to say what i have done so far.

    My questions are: When i build my next in car pc, -

    1. is there a better way to run sound from the incar pc to a amp
    2. should i run the sound stright to the amps from the pc
    3. should i not use the onboard sound from the pc and run something else

    thanks to everyones support so far and i hope that a few of you out there can help on this issue please