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Help Finding Newer Motherboard With Older Panel Out (24-bit LCD / TFT)

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  • Help Finding Newer Motherboard With Older Panel Out (24-bit LCD / TFT)

    Anyone & Everyone,

    I'm in the process of trying to re-build my old car-pc. I guess the proper term would be upgrade. Anyways, I am having very little luck locating a board that supports the older Panel out or TFT Panel support. Not to be confused with 24-bit LVDS as they are not compatible that I know of?

    The reason I need the older Panel out Support is because of the touch screen I am using. It is an old Data 911 screen from a squad car system that has a very nice adjustable backlight for day and night driving. The screen is also daylight viewable. Plus it is very nicely integrated into my vehicle and I’d prefer not to replace it. It uses a proprietary break-out board that requires the Panel out support.

    I’m looking for a board that supports either the Intel Pentium M / or the newer dualcore processors. However if a board can be found that supports panel out with a CPU that is faster than my existing (i.e. 800MHz) then I’m open for suggestions as well. They have to support Panel out ]though.

    Another option: would be a converter from to convert from DVI or LVDS to Panel out But I doubt there exists such a device. Or at least all my searches have come up empty handed.

    Current Set-up.
    Board: Advantech PCM-9575 with embedded VIA Ezra 800MHz /: 512MB SDRam
    10.4" Sunlight Viewable Data 911 Screen bbalazs/bb/lcd/nl6448cc33_30.pdf

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone here know of such a motherboard that supports this feature?

    Thanks for your time.