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Programmable Relay Switch Boards?

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  • Programmable Relay Switch Boards?

    Has anyone come across something similar to the Fusion Brain (FB) but is programmable.

    Actually, I guess I can just wire some simple logic (AND's and OR's) and attach it to the relays themselves. But, I'd rather have something like the FB that will have simple programmable functions when the PC is shut down; something like "If inputs 1 AND 2 are high/ON THEN turn relay 1 ON"

    Powering the relays and the device is another matter though, but isn't too hard to figure out.

    I see the most important reason for all of this is for anti-theft alarms and such. You can't run the PC, even if it's only 50 Watts, for more than a few hours (I've heard) without killing the battery.


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    Possibly look into the PICaxe line of microcontrollers. There are a lot of development boards available, some with output buffers that can drive small relays directly.
    They draw very little and are fairly easy to program with basic command sets.

    Not quite as easy as the fusion brain but highly customisable with easy to update programming.


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      yes, PIC is a good way, easy to learn the basics! i use the sourceboost C development environment, and a cheap programmer circuit. PIC controllers requires very low power, and they works with few components around them, complicated board is not required...

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