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XM Radio is there any difference in antenna's?

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  • XM Radio is there any difference in antenna's?

    XM Radio is there any difference in antenna's? I did not find this question answered doing a search. Can anyone shed some light if its worth paying more for a Terk XMICRO2?

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    Don't thinks there's much differences, reception wise. Most people just use the regular mini one that comes with the receiver nowadays.


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      i get great results from the regular omni-directional one that came with my old SkyFi
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        I have a friend with a Nissan Maxima. It came with factory XM radio...built-in antenna on the roof. He hates XM and wanted Sirius.

        He found the receiver on-line (Nissan offers both so, they're swappable modules). He bought the Sirius module, which came with a Sirius antenna but, since it was such a PITA to change it, he left the XM antenna on there. Works great even though the systems use slightly different frequencies.

        I think my point is I don't think the antenna is that critical. But, antenna placement can make a pretty big difference, depending on the car.

        I installed my Sirius antenna on my trunk-lid, mainly because it's a convertible and that's the only flat surface (other than the hood) that's got a view of the sky top up or top down.
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