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GPS Reciever USB driver issue...

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  • GPS Reciever USB driver issue...

    I hit a bump this morning on the highway and my USB GPS mouse's cable jarred loose.

    When I plugged it back in suddenly the computer tells me that it's recognizing a new device. iGuidance no longer sees the GPS at all.

    Naturally I can try the time tested 'reinstall the drivers' bit. But that's such a pain in the *** as it never goes well for this set up for some reason. And I don't want to do that and make things worse (which has happened with driver reinstalls before) unless I have to.

    Any other suggestions to try first?
    Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3

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    By the way, it's an Earthmate GPS Mouse. The little yellow one. I have no idea what specific model it is.

    I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, but the reinstall just doesn't take. When I try to assign the driver manually I can find it and tell Windows 2000 to "USE THIS ONE!!" but Windows says, "Screw you, buddy. We found this other driver that we like better and it's the only one that we're going to let you try. You have no option to say no." Then it gives me an error saying that the driver was incompatible with the device.

    I might have adlibbed the error message. But that's the gist.

    Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3


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      Me = Stupid.


      I didn't try the simple stuff first like switching the USB port the GPS was plugged into.

      I thought I did, but I switched the wrong USB devices around and left the GPS alone.

      Sure enough, I switched it, and it works like a charm again.

      I'll go back to not annoying everyone with stupid questions again.
      Here it is! My carputer install! 1997 BMW M3