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Jetway Temps (VIA C7M)

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  • Jetway Temps (VIA C7M)

    So I just put my stuff together on the bench. Hooked it up to an older 300watt ATX PSU. I boot into XP setup fine... it chugs as it loads drivers then all of a sudden splat! it quits. I tried multiple HDDs and cd drives. Then I go and look at the BIOS, everything looks good, except....

    The CPU temp is reading at 88deg Celsius (190F)! wtf? Is this normal for these boards. The mobo is reading at 33C so why should the CPU be running so hot with no load? Should I try reseating the heatsink or throwing some arctic silver on it? I'm pretty unfamiliar with the embedded applications. This is my first mini-itx system. and its definitely making me uneasy.

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    I got an RMA from newegg and i'm going to just send it back. It is running way too hot. I think there is either a heatsink seating problem or the temperature sensor on the mobo is no good.

    When I booted it this morning, it started at 69C, which is 9C above its operating range. Then it went up about 1degree every second or two.

    This sucker is going back.